high tech toys

Hard drive sizes

We can now buy terabyte sized hard drives for our computers for under $100. What do we even CALL sizes that are bigger than that??


The Scale of the Universe

A cool learning tool that lets you explore the sizes of things in the universe


Bug Zapper

Shaped like a tennis racket, it electrocutes bugs with just a swipe through the air.


The Stonehenge Pocket Watch

Works just like the actual Stonehenge


The SunCell

Charge it up with the sun (or a USB port), then use it to charge your cell phone, MP3 player, PDA, or portable DVD player!


DigiMicro USB microscope

Has a built in camera for video or stills


Cell phone jammers

When the annoying woman sitting near you just won’t stop talking!


Sun Visor with touchscreen DVD player

Includes TV, FM radio, and remote control


Armageddon USB hub

Ever feel like blowing up the world? Go ahead… push the button!