The SunCell

This thing is very cool!! It’s EcoPowered Solutions SunCell, a portable, environmentally friendly recharging system.

First you charge it up by leaving it in the sun, or by plugging into the USB port of a computer. Then you can use it to recharge a whole range of portable devices. It comes with 16 different tips that fit the charging plugs for a wide variety of mobile phones, MP3 devices, PDAs, portable DVD players, even the Sony PSP!

It also has a built-in LED Flashlight that can run non-stop for up to 6 days.

So how much of a charge can this thing put out? If the SunCell’s internal battery is full, it can recharge a cell phone with an average battery size about 3 complete times before the battery has no more power. With solar, it takes between 8 and 12 hours to completely recharge the SunCell’s internal battery - or 3-5 hours from an electrical outlet.

This thing is a must-have for camping, or to have in an emergency supply kit!