Spinning Dancer

Is she spinning to the left... or to the right?

Disappearing dots

Stare at the green dot, the yellow dots will disappear.

Moving blue lines

Are they moving together, or not??

Rotating dots

Look at either the red or yellow dot, and the other side appears to switch direction.

Grey & orange flag

Focus on the black dot and the grey stripe will turn blue.

Yellow and blue blocks

Blocks look like they are alternating steps, but they are actually always moving in parallel.

Circle of dots

Stare at the black cross in the center and you will soon see a green dot circling around.

Rotating circles?

Each dot slides back and forth, staying the same color. So how is it rotating?

Train Station

Look behind the man and the train appears to change directions.

Movement illusion

Stare at the center of the image for one full minute - then look away at something. For a few seconds everything will appear to distort.

Motion illusion

It's not a moving picture - but it feels like it is!