United States Twenty Dollar Bill

United States twenty dollar bill
Front of bill: Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States.
United States twenty dollar bill
Back of bill: The White House, in Washington DC

Earlier versions of the $20 note featured Lady Liberty, Alexander Hamilton, the naval war hero Stephen Decatur, President James Garfield, Treasury Secretary Daniel Manning, Treasury Secretary Hugh McCulloch, President George Washington, and President Grover Cleveland.

Andrew Jackson has graced this bill since 1928.

In 1943, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, a special emergency series of bills was printed, with brown serial numbers and “HAWAII” overprinted on both the front and the back. These notes were designed to circulate on the islands, and be deemed invalid in the event of a Japanese invasion.

United States twenty dollar bill
2006 toppled elm tree from the back of the $20
The 140 year old American Elm tree pictured to the right of the White House grounds on the reverse of the bill was toppled due to rain-softened ground in late June 2006.
United States twenty dollar bill
1914 United States twenty dollar bill
This is the first $20 bill, issued in 1914, with a portrait of U.S. President Grover Cleveland.